How to Print

To print the Nature Journaling for Kids coloring book, you will need to set up the document correctly. You will need 7 sheets of 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper for each booklet. First, save the file to your computer. Then, open the file.

If you have a double sided printer:

 1. Go to File > Print Set Up. Under the Orientation (or the Properties tab under file> print, depending on your version of Adobe) section select "landscape". Click Ok.

Selecting Landscape on a Mac

2. Go to File > Print. Select "Booklet Printing" under the page scaling tab. A booklet subset should appear. Select "Both Sides".

Booklet Printing Settings on a Mac

3. Print the booklet.

If you do NOT have a double sided printer:

1. Finish steps 1 and 2 from the list above.

2. Under the subset tab, use the "print font side only" set.

 3. When the first set is printed, flip the pages over and print the opposite set on the same sheets of paper, the "print back side only" set.

 4. When you flip over your pages, make sure to turn the pages in a way so both front and backsides line up (the top and bottom sides are both facing the same direction), so some pages don't appear upside down, while others are right side up.

When you have finished printing your booklet:

1. For best results, fold each page separately, hamburger style. Face the book cover side up and staple the binding. Three evenly spaced staples should do the trick.

2. Once folded, the booklet will be 8 1/2 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches wide.

3. Optional: You can use a thicker sheet of paper for the cover page. This way the booklet will be more durable.

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